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In recognition of the international end-to-end supply chain development, Northport has envisaged an important role as part of this development. Northport has invested heavily in downstream on-dock supporting facilities, products and services. Among these are the dedicated logistics business unit called Northport Distripark which develops and offers value proposition in not only being a Regional Distribution Centre but also as an International Procurement Centre.

Northport offers the most added values through Northport Distripark with a wide range of services, which include warehousing, pre-shipment activities such as documentation, internal haulage, packing and re-labelling, minor assembly and other value-added activities to complement the core business activities at Northport. Contents of containers are stored here, processed if necessary and then distributed further.

There are also Container Freight Station (CFS) which offers a Multi Consolidation Centre, with services ranging from warehousing, distribution and freight forwarding, all located within Northport’s Free Commercial Zone. This service offers a substantial concentration of facilities having to do with distribution operations. And it is this concentration that yields advantages in terms of both time and transport costs for customers.

In line with its effort to become a major logistics and distribution centre and further intensify Northport's capability as a total provider of port-related services, Northport Distripark and CFS provide the largest covered warehouse in the country totaling 1 million sq.ft. to cater for the requirements of its clientele.

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