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Northport (Malaysia) Bhd. is committed to conducting business in safe manner for the benefit of all port users. Northport abides to:

   ISPS Compliance

   24 hours emergency response team

   24 hours surveillance at all Northport’s entrance and exit points.

Our responsibilities are:

   To ensure safety and security of port facilities, staff and port users.

   To maintain law and order in port area.

   To detect and prevent illegal activities within port area.

   To prevent criminal activities in port.

   To protect our assets.


   13 Units motorcycles

   1 Unit security boat

   Patrol cars


General Terminal Safety Port Guide

The following actions are prohibited in the port:

   Sitting or leaning against a crane.

   Sitting or standing under a working crane or hanging load.

   Sleeping in any area of the port.

   Taking lift on any terminal equipment.

   Being under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

   No swimming and fishing in port area.

   No entry into operational area.

   Proper safety attire must be worn at all times.

   No smoking in operational areas.

Health & Environment Safety

   Always use designated sanitary facilities.

   Indiscriminate disposal of wastes and littering is prohibited in the Port area.

   It is prohibited to pollute or cause damage to environment.

General Safety & Security Info

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