Northport Online

1. Can I visit Northport?

A: Only port-related business contacts, official delegations and (potential) clients can visit Northport. However, we also allow visitors from schools and colleges. These visits are managed by the Corporate Communications Department. Please contact us at 03-3169 8888 for an appointment.

2. What is the most recent development in Northport?

A: Our Media Centre offers information about recent developments in Northport through press releases and articles from our publications. We also provide updates on Northport's latest expansion programs in the Port Facilities & Development page.

3. How many employees are working at Northport?

A: Currently there are 2,495 employees working at Northport.

4. What are the services offered at Northport?

A: The four core services at Northport include container, conventional, logistics and marine services. Please refer to the respective business unit on this website for more details.

5. What is the company's biggest achievement?

A: We have successfully achieved our target of 2.8 million TEUs in 2007. Northport is also the recipient for various awards and accolades. Kindly refer to our Media Centre for more information.

6. How do I get in touch with Northport's customer service? Is it a 24-hour service center?

A: We have a Customer Service Centre which operates from 8am till 12am. Kindly refer to our Customer Care & Feedback page for more information.

7. Where can I find companies that are active in Northport?

A: Our Port Services Directory has information of our customers from all categories.

8. Where can I find statistical information about for example the handling of cargo in Northport.

A: For information about the handling of cargo and Northport position, please refer to the Statistics section in the Media Centre. You can download Northport's annual report (including core figures and the annual account) under the Corporate Profile section.

9. Where can I find the history of Northport?

A: The Heritage section, located under Corporate Profile offers you information about the history of Northport.

10. Where can I obtain details of Northport's tariffs?

A: More information on Northport's tariffs can be viewed at the respective services, i.e. Marine, Conventional, Container, Logistics.