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Non-containerised cargoes are handled at two facilities in Northport – a dedicated conventional cargo terminal in Southpoint, and the conventional cargo terminals in Northport for break bulk, liquid and dry bulk cargoes. Southpoint, formerly known as Southport, is the oldest section of Northport. Southpoint which has undergone massive rehabilitation and renewal offers a very broad range of facilities and services for handling a variety of conventional cargoes including liquid bulk, dry bulk and break bulk cargoes.

Conventional Services


Northport's Southpoint, formerly known as Southport, is located just a stone's throw away from Port Klang town. The 100-year-old port caters mainly for the conventional domestic and coastal trade serviced by vessels plying along the routes between Port Klang and the ports in Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei. Besides this trade, Southpoint also acts as another facility in Port Klang for the handling of liquid bulk cargo, mainly palm oil and other non-DG liquid. A sizeable quantity of dry bulk cargo is also handled at Southpoint. Having been awarded the Free Commercial Zone status in February 2004, Southpoint has also attracted carriers to discharge or load vehicles from this alternative point in Northport.

Southpoint also acts as a niche port to handle transhipment activity for the Indonesian barge traffic due to its proximity to the Sumatran ports of Tanjong Balai, Dumai, Pekan Baru, Buatan and Perawan. Located in the centre of Port Klang town, Southpoint which is aptly termed "port-in-town", has its advantages whereby hundreds of freight forwarders and shipping agencies, banks, and other Government agencies such as the Customs, Immigration, Harbour Masters, are all located nearby.

Southpoint has eight wharves (from Wharf 1 to Wharf 7A). The first four have a depth between 9m and 10.5m to cater for ocean-going vessels up to 40,000 displacement tonnes whilst Wharves 5 to 7A with depths of about 6m can accommodate coastal ships of up to 6,000 displacement tonnes

Break Bulk

Northport handles break bulk cargoes such as iron, steel, timber, plywood, machineries, RORO and livestock. Northport has also enhanced its capabilities to enable raw materials and goods to be repackaged and distributed within the Port's premises.

Dry Bulk

Northport handles dry bulk cargoes such as grain, maize, coal, marine salt and fertilizer. 3 level luffing cranes are used to discharge the dry bulk cargoes. The bulk terminal also handles loading of clinker and similar cargo using the cranes

Liquid Bulk

Liquid bulk is a commodity carried in specially built vessels (i.e. tankers), loaded and unloaded via pipelines. Types of cargo calling Northport include liquid chemicals, petroleum products and crude palm oil. The terminal has a total of four wharves with a total quay length of 0.8km and has an annual capacity of 4.1 million FWTs, with a maximum depth alongside 11.5m. The terminal can accommodate vessels of up to 60,000 tonnes in displacement.


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